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Adjustamatic Industry News Round-Up

Adjustamatic Industry News Round-Up

We’ve rounded-up three stories we found interesting—all related to beds and sleep! These cover: recent discoveries of how sleep benefits us; an assessment of the pros of using an adjustable bed; and tips for selling them to help customers get their ideal bed for whatever they need.

Scientists Discover Sleep Boosts Brain Function

BBC News reported on a new discovery scientists have made which shows how sleep affects the brain. According to the findings of a study performed on mice, sleep ‘ramps up’ the production of cells which make myelin, an insulating material known to protect the brain’s circuitry. This could lead to insights about the role sleep plays in brain repair and growth, as well as in MS.

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For centuries, scientists have struggled to understand why we sleep. While the benefits of resting our bodies and mind are obvious, only in recent times have the biological processes occurring in the body begun to be discovered. Given the beneficial properties of these newly-discovered processes, the researchers—based at the University of Wisconsin—say their findings suggest sleep loss may ‘aggravate some symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS)’, a disease which negatively affects myelin. As the mice slept, the myelin-producing cells doubled, particularly during the REM (rapid eye-movement) phase and were driven by genes.

At Adjustamatic, we’ve always known that sleep is important, but with the latest research showing sleep also boosts brain-cell numbers, it has brought the importance of sleep to a whole new level.

Help Selling Adjustable Beds

HomeCare®, a business magazine for HME (Home Medical Equipment), recently published a fascinating article aimed at HME-suppliers, covering the benefits of stocking adjustable beds and offering tips on how to sell them. As they say, customers with health complaints related to age will gain various advantages from using adjustable beds, such as greater comfort, more freedom of sleeping positions and, consequently, better sleep.

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They provide various tips on how best to sell adjustable beds to customers, offering answers to potential questions, suggesting ways to help connect a customer’s sleeping pattern or health complaints to the beds, and how ideal they are for a range of different problems. They rightly point out how adjustable beds are not just for the elderly, but for anyone suffering from various health problems affecting their sleep. Many people of good health also purchase adjustable beds for greater comfort and freedom, and HomeCare® suggests HME providers remember this when considering which products should be aimed at which demographic.

With the number of people suffering from arthritis and back pain on the rise, it’s never been more important to look at your bed and assess whether it’s giving you the postural support and pressure relief you need to prevent/soothe the effects of these conditions.

Benefits of Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed

US firm Mattress Discounters recently wrote about the benefits of using an adjustable bed. Topics covered include preventing snoring & sleep apnoea problems, preventing back pain, improving digestion and reducing swelling—problems which can be helped significantly by adjustable beds.

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How does this work? Well, as snoring is generally due to the sleeper’s posture causing their windpipe to close, adjusting the bed to an incline position can help—ensuring a better night’s sleep for them and their partner.  The main cause of back pain is down to sleeping in an awkward position, and so adjusting the bed to fit your needs can help. Adjusting the mattress to an upright position can also help digestion, helping to encourage a better night’s sleep and reduce swelling. There are many benefits of regularly sleeping on an adjustable bed, from health reasons for yourself to relief from snoring for your partner. Adjustamatic’s adjustable bed range can relieve a number of conditions.

These stories highlight the positive impact adjustable beds can have on your life, and prove that more and more people are becoming aware of the advantages they can bring. Sleep is obviously an important aspect of life—as the aforementioned study proves—and anything that can help people get more out of that is equally important.  Adjustamatic beds are designed to help boost people’s quality of life, so for more information, get in touch!

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