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Adjustable beds on display at the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Showroom

Adjustable beds on display at the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Showroom

Exhibiting at the recent Las Vegas Market, most of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) members are pleased with the 25% increase in the sales.

President of SSA, Dale T. Read said: “This year over 675 retail buyers visited the showroom as compared to 500 last year. We have seen that the buyers are interested in seeing the offered collection by manufacturers of beddings, sleep items, organic mattresses and adjustable beds.”

Mr. Read said: “It has been sheer hard work and we are pleased with the results. There have been many adjustable bed suppliers and others associated with better sleep products, which is invaluable to the consumers and dealers.” Supracor, company that sells honeycomb foam technology with fusion bonded technology is just one of the exhibitors at the SSA showroom.

Director of business development, Steve Landi said: “The amount of traffic that SSA showroom has generated is amazing and the staff was helpful. It is one of the best places to exhibit our products.” President of Innomax and on the SSA Board of Directors, Mark Miller said: “As one of the leading manufacturers of adjustable beds and bedding, we ensure high quality products. From a host of wellness benefits and adjustability options for the ageing population and luxury bed owners, adjustable beds are the key solution. Additionally, there are new opportunities for state of art products and innovative adjustable beds to be launched in the next few years.”

The reaction of other SSA exhibitors has been positive as director of sales at Forever Foundation, Mike Echevarria says: “We are busy following up leads and with higher information and awareness about SSA, more people are looking for sleep related items such as bed frames and adjustable beds.”

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