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5 Tips to Improve Your Mobility

5 Tips to Improve Your Mobility

Mobility problems can cause otherwise healthy and active people to stay inside against their will, suffering from pain and discomfort whenever they try to move. There are a number of causes of mobility problems, but muscle weakness and joint problems are two of the most common.

Although these issues can cause a high degree of discomfort, the good news is that they are often treatable. Some simple steps and the effective use of a recliner chair can relieve a great deal of pain and make moving easier.

Enjoy Cyclo-Therapy technology

Cyclo-Therapy technology is incorporated into Adjustamatic products and offers an unparalleled level of massage therapy in the home. A basic massage chair is likely to use an aggressive pounding motion that can actually worsen muscle problems in some cases. Cyclo-Therapy is medically proven to offer a muscle friendly massage that is effective at relieving joint pains. It calms muscles, helping individuals drift off into a sound sleep at night.

Take time to relax

Recliner chairs can be adjusted to perfectly suit each individual’s posture and seating position. This level of comfort, combined with a soothing and therapeutic massage, can loosen muscles and improve circulation, reducing stiffness.

Take walks

While physical exercise may often be painful and uncomfortable, it is also incredibly important. Failing to take exercise, such as walking, will result in weaker muscles and bones and worsen the pain as time passes. It is important to try and stretch the body and take walks occasionally, even if assistance is required. Physical exercise can play a key role in battling mobility issues.

Stand with ease

Many people with mobility issues find standing up and sitting down difficult. This can prevent them from taking the exercise that could help their condition. Adjustamatic chairs are designed to tip forward to allow easy access, making entering and exiting the chair a simple task.

Exercise in the chair

If walking is too hard, the chairs are able to support an individual’s legs in a horizontal position, making it easier to perform basic actions, such as tensing and relaxing leg muscles. This can again improve circulation.

The recliner chair provides an effective way to improve mobility issues in the home. They can be purchased in many styles and colours and can be easily operated by almost anyone.