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5 Tips to Avoid Night Cramps and How Adjustable Beds Can Help

5 Tips to Avoid Night Cramps and How Adjustable Beds Can Help

Being jolted out of your sleep because of sudden excruciating leg pains is a horrible experience. When it starts happening on a regular basis, it can severely impact on your quality of life. Sleep is a time for the body to relax and refresh and when interrupted can have a knock on effect on all aspects of your life.

Night cramps often lead to fatigue and lethargy during the day. This is because sleep deprivation usually goes hand in hand with night cramps. There are a number of methods that sufferers can use to reduce the impact these pains have on their sleep; here are five of the best:

Stretch regularly

Stretching the muscles that cramp is a good way to prevent and treat the problem. Remembering to stretch and exercise during the day will ensure that blood flow to the muscles is improved and that they are kept active. Stretching when the pain begins will usually alleviate symptoms to some extent.

Stay warm

Muscles are more likely to cramp in cold conditions. Make sure you are comfortable and warm in your bed at night. Sleeping with a hot water bottle over the muscle that is causing the problem or using an electric blanket to warm up the bed may prevent cramps from occurring.

Use adjustable beds

Certain electric beds can assist with relaxation and improve circulation. By using the massage capabilities these adjustable beds offer and adjusting them to your optimal position, you will be able to enjoy a sounder, more satisfying sleep, as you improve your circulation. The massage technology is effective at relaxing muscles and can be used while you are sleeping.

Get enough vitamins

Some studies have connected cramps with a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Make sure you eat a balanced diet each day and consider taking supplements to boost your intake.

Talk to your doctor

If the pains are severe and your quality of life is being affected, talking to your doctor about how to sleep better is a good idea. The doctor may be able to prescribe a medicine such as quinine or give you advice about how to avoid anxiety issues.

These tips should help you wrestle back control of your life, improve your sleep quality and generally feel better at all times of the day and night.