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11 pictures that prove animals will sleep anywhere

11 pictures that prove animals will sleep anywhere

We all enjoy a good night’s sleep in our warm, comfortable beds, but it seems some animals don’t really care where they lay their head. Here are 11 photos of animals who just have to have 40 winks no matter where they are…

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Being able to maintain such balance whilst asleep is quite impressive. You see pictures of tigers and other big cats asleep in trees, and sleeping twisted around a bannister rail is obviously the semi-detached equivalent.

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Most people like to dress their window boxes with roses, petunias or other such flowers. The family in this house, however, have decided to use a sleeping racoon. At least they’ve afforded it a little privacy by shutting the blind.

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This looks like this cat has just had a bath and has been laid there to dry out. Or it’s some kind of weird feline trapeze contraption. Either way, it looks incredibly uncomfortable.

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A long day of climbing trees, searching for bamboo and refusing to procreate can really take its toll, so it’s not surprising this panda had to take a nap before he even got back down to the floor. Let’s hope it keeps its balance; it’s a long way down!

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The latest in 3D printing or fun and games at the Go-Cat Christmas party? Whatever the reason, this passed out puss is sure to cause a pretty nasty paper jam.

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This parrot (or whatever bird it really is) looks perfectly content asleep on this piece of watermelon. Quite why it’s sleeping on a piece of watermelon isn’t clear – maybe it’s confused by the green skin and thinks it’s another parrot, or maybe it just really loves watermelons.

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Cats love to sleep where it’s warm, so this little chap has got it all figured out. Everything except actually getting out from behind the radiator again. This cat must be shattered because it really doesn’t look all that comfortable.

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We’re guessing this is a dog, but the more you look at it, the less it looks like one. Whatever it is, for some reason it’s decided a flip flop is the comfiest place to sleep, and to be honest, compared to that cold, hard tiled floor, it might have a point.

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Whilst the dog-thing above has arguably used its initiative to find a comfy place to sleep, this dog can’t boast that – the pedal of an old, rusty bicycle can’t be considered a suitable pillow. It’s going to wake up with a terrible crick in its neck.

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This poor polar bear. It was obviously so exhausted that it couldn’t even make it into the water. Perhaps it’s just multitasking and is hoping some fish happen to swim into its mouth whilst it’s asleep.

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This little guy has found himself a prime snoozing spot and looks completely out of it as he grabs a bit of shade. Of all the animals on this list, this squirrel probably looks the most peaceful and is actually making us feel a little sleepy just looking at him.

Whilst animals can sleep just about anywhere, it seems, we humans need a much comfier place to sleep if we’re to maintain healthy joints and bones. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed can lead to all kinds of joint and muscle pain, and if you already suffer from such conditions, it’s even more important to find a comfortable place to sleep.


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