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Ascot Riser Recliner Chair Niagaratherapy

  • Tilt-in-Space frame relieves soreness and pressure by tipping back to support your lower back.
  • Built In NHC Cyclo-Therapy® Arthritis pain Relief technology.
  • Tailor-made by hand for incomparable comfort and a style that’s perfect for any home.

What are the benefits of the Ascot riser recliner?

The Ascot is a recliner chair which is custom made around a unique frame. Providing comfort and alleviating posture concerns, the Ascot supports long-term health benefits through its unique technology and custom design.

The Ascot is tailor-made to suit your needs, with features including heel or footrests, a choice of knuckle arms and optional NHC Cyclo-Therapy®.

Who is the Ascot for?

The Ascot is suitable for anyone suffering with poor circulation or those experiencing discomfort when sitting. The Ascot has a unique back design, called the ‘Lateral Hug’, built to support your hips and hug the base of your back for increased comfort and improved posture.

The Ascot has several health benefits, the Tilt-in-Space frame relieves pressure and soreness, supporting your lower back and spreading your weight evenly. While the optional built-in NHC Cyclo-Therapy feature promotes blood circulation, aids relaxation and is proven to reduce severe and mild pain symptoms.

TV PositionSeated positionFull recline diagramZero gravity neutral position dual motor


Tailor-made designs for added comfort

Each Ascot recliner is custom-built in our UK-based warehouse and based on our high-quality designs that reduce the symptoms of your ailments. Created with distinct flow lines and handcrafted solid wooden knuckle arms, the Ascot provides superior care. The unique Tilt-in-Space frame helps keep your body in a relaxed neutral position called zero-gravity. The zero-gravity position improves circulation, provides unsurpassed comfort and alleviates a wide range of medical conditions, such as improving your circulation.

Try the Ascot riser recliner for yourself!

If you are interested in an Ascot chair, would like to discuss the other chair options available or request a brochure, contact an Adjustamatic expert on 0800 689 6891.

Height of chair (total)42"42"
Width of chair (total)35"33"
Depth of chair (total)35"35"
Overall length (full recline)69"69"
Recline length of: back + seat + stool74"74"
Full recline24"24"
Lifting capacity25 St20 St
Chair weight67 Kg62.5 Kg
Battery back upYesYes
Guarantee2 yrs2 yrs
Polymodulation facilityYesYes
Zero proximityn/an/a
3 NHC Cyclo - Therapy motorsYesYes
Product swatches
Avenue Biscuit
Avenue Claret
Avenue Grey
Avenue Honey
Capri Aqua
Capri Dove Grey
Capri Espresso
Capri Herb
Capri Natural
Casino Crush Camel
Casino Crush Latte
Casino Crush Terracotta
Copenhagen Gold
Copenhagen Mink
Copenhagen Oatmeal
Copenhagen Oyster
Coronation Olive
Coronation Ruby
Cresta Plain Olive
Grampian Fern
Grampian Pebble
Grampian Steel
Grampian Wine
Maldives Patchwork Mink
Maldives Patchwork Oatmeal
Maldives Patchwork Sunrise
Messina Plain Aqua
Messina Plain Dove Grey
Messina Plain Espresso
Messina Plain Herb
Messina Plain Natural
Orchard Leaf Cream
Oslo Plain Badger
Oslo Plain Gold
Oslo Plain Mink
Oslo Plain Oatmeal
Oslo Plain Oyster
Oslo Plain Wine
Sicily Aqua
Sicily Dove Grey
Sicily Espresso
Sicily Herb
Sicily Natural
Somerset Calico
Somerset Champaigne
Somerset Gold
Somerset Latte

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What does our NHC Cyclo-Therapy® technology aid and provide?
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50 years experience
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british made
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Relaxing on your terms

How the right chair, custom to your needs will aid and revitalise you.

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